Twitter Haiku

I still don’t get the point of Twitter, but since it’s growing exponentially in popularity, I thought I’d pay tribute with a little haiku.  FYI, I coin the term “Twitt” to refer to a Twitter user.

This is done from the point-of-view of the Twitter punditry:

We shouldn’t be twits
But rather should we be Twitts
Or something betwixt

I’ve also been able to take my initial annoyance at the term “tweet” — which describes updates on Twitter and can be used as both a noun and a verb — and turn it into fun imaginary conjugations.  For example:

“Hey dude, did you send me a tweet?”
“Yeah, man, I totally twoted [tw-oh-ted] you an hour ago.”

By the way, if someone uses Twitter to remind me that I have a lunch appointment with him/her, have I in fact been “tweeted to lunch”?

Or if two opposing factions make amends on Twitter, have they in fact enacted a tweety_bird ?

Okay, maybe I’ll forget I just said those things.  I need some clarity, because at the moment, I’m hopelessly Twitterpated:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


3 comments so far

  1. Matt Haley on

    I like how you can follow famous people’s twitters. This allows for an unsurpassed degree of obsequious fawning, one whose directness could never be replicated by mere tabloid junkieism.

  2. Anne on

    As much as I’d like to twitterbash with you all, it’s saved me from unnecessarily slooooow trips home from work via the 390 and 490. Traffic updates are nice 🙂
    Oh and following @wilwheaton is not stalking… no… not at all. I’m just sayin’… ;-D

  3. Anne on

    I mean @wilw… even though @cannibalcake does not approve.

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