TV pilot for a nerdirific show!

My friend Jen Dziura, who co-hosts both the Williamsburg Spelling Bee and the Chelsea Mind Games, recently filmed a pilot for a Sci-Fi Channel reality show involving brainy people channeling their cerebral powers to solve everyday problems.

In the pilot (included below), Jen shows you how you can use logic to hog a dessert and still come across as considerate.

She and her fellow nerds also tackle the ins and outs of finding the perfect parking space in a Los Angeles parking lot.  I enjoyed that part, but mostly, I was glad that I no longer live in Los Angeles, where I suffered endless headaches from navigating through small, crowded parking lots (and got more practice parallel parking than I ever thought possible).

Among Jen’s teammates are a man with a 190+ IQ, a woman with a Ph.D. in Robotics and Engineering, another with a Ph.D. specializing in human behavior, and a tech entrepreneur.

Check out the pilot and bump up the view count!  Sit back and enjoy…


Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 comments so far

  1. Noah on

    I couldn’t think of a more boring way to solve the parking problem. Though, there may not be a more interesting way to watch it solved.

  2. Noah on

    The dessert hogging is excellent, by the way. It works!

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