Federer vs. Murray – das ist übertennis!!

Because the US is unwilling to recognize tennis as a viable sport, I couldn’t see any of the season-ending Tennis Masters Cup on TV. (Double disappointment that Rafael Nadal – Mr. Biceps – withdrew with an injury).

However, I’ve been following the highlights, and Andy Murray’s narrow victory over Roger Federer produced some of the most exquisite, captivating tennis of the year.

The cerebration was almost tangible — this contest was a joint creative act between two thinkers.  Both are capable of hitting 100-mph winners, but the real story of this match was the way they constructed points.  It seemed each exchange produced dizzying variations in shot selection, pace, spin, and direction.  No angle was left unused, and the court-coverage of both players was impeccable.

At times, it seemed as if each shot was part of a dialogue, a mutual effort to create the “perfect” point.

Enough of my blab.  Some of the best points can be found here:

Along with some more extended highlights:


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