Moosebutter uses the Force

There’s a little a cappella group in Provo, Utah, and it goes by the name of Moosebutter.

They’re similar to The Bobs and Moxy Früvous in their eccentric arrangements and their flippant sensibility.

I was blown away by the following video, in which Moosebutter tackles Star Wars via recognizable tunes from various John Williams film scores.

The guy in the video (not in Moosebutter) lip-synched to all four parts, an impressive feat that makes the video that much more fun.

But I think he’s being a little devious, since he ambiguously states that he couldn’t have made the video without Moosebutter’s “help”.  He fails to make it clear that it’s Moosebutter doing the singing, not him.

At any rate, enjoy “Star Wars” by Moosebutter!


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