A biological argument against gay marriage? Oy vey…

Wow…before checking this article out, read the post.

I love how the people in the article think that arguing against gay marriage on biological grounds somehow makes it superior to using religious grounds.

I love how they think they’re “protecting the foundation of society” by encouraging an institution that will supposedly produce children “less likely to be a social and financial burden on the state”.  This despite the fact that 50 percent of heterosexual marriages end in divorce, breaking up families, emotionally damaging children, increasing court costs, etc.

And more than anything, I love how they think that a duo’s ability to procreate is enough to ensure a good family.

I leave you pics of some well-adjusted married heterosexual couples, our models for society:


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  1. Amanda on

    The dissenting judge’s words were rather strange.

    “The ancient definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman has its basis in biology, not bigotry,” he wrote, adding, “As many courts have recognized, the primary societal good advanced by this ancient institution is responsible procreation.”

    Since when have we ever needed a boost in population?

  2. remixedmetre on

    My my…an excellent point. And the world isn’t exactly engaging in “responsible procreation” at the moment.

  3. Matt on

    I’m all for gay marriage, but what I *do* oppose is blacks marrying, for most of the same reasons mentioned in this article. Changing their quotes only ever so slightly,

    “By protecting [white] marriage, what we’re trying to do is protect the foundation of society.”

    “Everyone who disagrees is automatically labeled a right-wing bigot.”

    ‘In their view, the [white] population is replenished, and children are raised responsibly and are less likely to be a social and financial burden on the state.’

    You see, these people have all the correct reasoning, they’re just applying it to the wrong scenario!

  4. Andrew on

    Gay people should be able to marry! Gay people should be allowed to be as miserable as the rest of us! You know what I tell a person who says gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry…’how about you come over here and taste my rainbow…Jackass!’

  5. AK on

    As your uncle says, the courts are in place to uphold the laws of the state’s and/or nation’s constitution, and thus to protect the rights of the few from the tyranny of the many (because “the many” are often wrong).

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