Rich on the radio…er, podcast

Okay, so it’s just a show that my class does every other Friday, but I’m hosting it, and I’d like to get feedback from people.

It’s a new thing for me, so be honest, either about my performance or the show in general (or both).  It’s not perfect, but it’s our first go, so that’s expected.

THE END OF THE DIAL, 10/3/2008


2 comments so far

  1. Leonard Zwelling on

    I have nothing to say. You can do this very well! Now get someone who can give you a job to listen. Go back to your contacts at Fox and CNN and get them to hit this podcast. I just did it with mine and I am waiting to hear what my media coach will say. Go to and Cancer News Line and hear my interviews. Maybe we can do a joint show on cancer and the arts? Nice job! Dad

  2. AK on

    Hi Nephew,

    I think it was a well crafted show and you put together a thought-provoking set of segments. Your voice is great for radio, and you paced your speaking well. So, I’d say that you have yet another avenue to think about pursuing.

    Send me the next installment that you host!


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