Rich comes up just short at the Math Bee

Last Wednesday, I participated once again at the Chelsea Mind Games Math Bee, hosted by Jen Dziura (also host of the Williamsburg Spelling Bee) and Soce the Elemental Wizard (everyone’s favorite gay Jewish white rapper who raps about things such as the properties of even and odd numbers).

Did I mention I love the people I meet in New York?

I did surprisingly well in the speed round, where I had to answer questions about things like the difference of two squares and finding the units digit when a large number ending in 7 is raised to a ridiculously high power.

But an early gaffe was enough to ensure I took second instead of first.  I worked hard on a board problem and did everything right conceptually, but as so often happens in long problems, it was a silly arithmetic error that did me in.  The end of the problem came down to multiplying a two-digit number by a larger number with several zeros, and when I presented my answer, I forgot one zero.  As a result, I received zero points instead of the three points the question was worth.  And I ended up losing the bee by…you guessed it…two points.

Oh well.  Incentive to come back stronger next time.

And meanwhile, Viveca, the winner, was pretty awesome, cracking a board problem about probability (my weakest point) and getting the hardest of the speed-round questions right before anyone else.

Here’s the photo of me with the hosts and the other winners:

Soce (host), third-place winner Syd, first-place winner Viveca, Jen Dziura (host), and me


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  1. Blogger's Father on

    Shoulda called a timeout….to set up a play. Oops. Wrong game.

  2. […] page Free Weekly Math Problems.  That page, by the way, was started by my friend Soce to promote Math Bee week at the Chelsea Mind […]

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