I dream of Jean-Luc

I have to share a dream I had a couple nights ago…

I was in the middle of a Jean-Luc Godard film. I mean prime Godard. 60s Godard.

I was walking the streets of Paris, and I came across a French bistro. I entered and tried to get a table, only to be led out of the restaurant and told to wait outside. Another couple entered the bistro and got a table, much to my anger.

Exasperated, I turned to a random old guy in a heavy overcoat and a hat, who happened to be walking the street.

“Why was I turned down?” I asked. (Sorry, I don’t speak French; I know this doesn’t lend credibility to this being like a Godard film).

The old man spouted out some appropriately aphoristic Godard-film type quote, possibly lifted from an obscure philosopher or political theorist. Then he began to walk in a Chaplin-like bumbling fashion, comedically punctuating his quote. He then departed by executing a pirouette and disappearing into an open door nearby.

Then, I turned around. A man was lying face down in the middle of the road. A car approached at full speed, and I jumped into the road screaming, “No!”

Too late, the car ran over the guy and sped off into the distance. But there was no blood and no scream. It was as if the accident was staged and/or fake (now THAT is appropriate for Godard). I noticed the old man had reappeared and was watching dispassionately on the sidelines.

As if on cue, the old man’s hat blew into the road and landed smack in the middle. Another car approached, and this time the man darted into the road, retrieved his hat, and returned to the sidewalk in time to avoid being struck.

Now walking side by side with the old man, I asked why he had let a fellow human — a conscious, sentient being — perish, while he risked his life recklessly for an inanimate object with no cognitive gifts.

He laughed and said something about my foolish presumptions that inanimate objects can have no value and are necessarily inferior to living things.

Okay, any dream interpreters out there?? I’m usually good with them, but I suck at my own.


2 comments so far

  1. Leonard Zwelling on

    Just reminding your self that people are more important than things.

    And you are in less control than you think.

  2. Amanda on

    Still love that pic of you.

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