Maouth Piece?

Thanks Amanda for first noticing this and giving me fodder for this post. By the way, check out Amanda’s recent work on Salon’s interview with David Carr!

Here’s a still from Dubya’s recent interview with Bob Costas at the Olympics. Anyone else find some disturbing symbolism in this? (Notice who’s peering over his shoulder in the upper left corner):

Firstly, just for my own amusement, I’ll point out this nice (and perhaps not entirely irrevelant) little parallel from Jean-Luc Godard’s 1967 film, La Chinoise:

Ok, with that moment of random cinephilia out of the way…

I thought it disturbing enough that Bush has been out in public looking as if the Olympic grounds are his personal vacation spot, especially with such a turbulent week in international politics.

Then, when I saw him sit down for a little chit-chat with Costas, my first thought was: what the fuck is he doing there? He looked completely out of place.

Now, of course, Dubya’s appearance in Beijing is a PR move to promote smooth relations with the Chinese government. But imagine my surprise when he started to praise China saying that the world needs to see the country for what it really is…as if that’s a positive thing. Anyone who understands China’s appalling human rights violations would bop Mr. Pres-o-dent on the head. His complicity is disturbing…especially with Mr. Mao looking over his shoulder as he delivers essentially a long prepared statement in the guise of an informal, extemporaneous interview.

But I wasn’t surprised when the good Dubya brought religion into the mix (Lord help us…heh heh). And I quote:

“If you’re a religious person, you know that once religion takes hold in a society, it can’t be stopped .”

Ok, all my fellow atheists. Ready? One, two, three…CRINGE!!! And to be honest, I’d wager that this quote would disgust any religious person who treats faith as a path to personal fulfillment and the betterment of humanity, not some hegemonic political tool.

I could make this into an extended rant, but since ranting about Dubya is a waste of my energy and time, I’ll instead swing things back to cinema and leave you with the hilarious “Mao Mao” clip from the aforementioned La Chinoise (with English translations in the info section):


2 comments so far

  1. Noah on

    Due to the country’s massive size, population, and economic clout, China’s human rights abuses and environmental desctruction negatively affect every citizen of the world. Their rampant desruction of human life and potential is… is…

    HOLY SHIT! Did you see those fireworks? Look at the drummers!

    Michael Phelps won a gold medal! Michael Phelps won a gold medal!

    This is the greatest country in the world!

  2. remixedmetre on

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the pyrotechnics of the opening ceremony carried some disturbing undertones.

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